| CAOffice Software

A Complete eTAX Compliance (eFiling) & Office Management Tool
With Import from Tally & Excel Facility

C.A. Office is a Tax & Management Software package; developed & designed
by Antariksh Interactive Pvt Ltd. exclusively for Chartered Accountants, Tax-
Practioners, Advocates & Corporates. It is a complete eTAX Compliance & Office
Management Solutions hence it is practically an ERP for the Tax Professionals.
The Software has been developed to make the management of a Chartered
Accountant’s office easy, effective and proactive. Special care has been taken to
make the software extremely user friendly. The software package is based on
several pillars.

1. Tax Management
Advance Tax - Calculate & Prints Advance Tax Working
Challan : Advance Tax & SA Challan Printing with online payment facility
Advance Tax Reminder Letter

b) Income Tax
(e-Returns/ e-Filing)
Computes taxable income along with Interest 234A, B & C .
Generates & Prints Computation of Total Income along with annexure.
Returns in Form No. ITR 1, ITR2, ITR 3, ITR4, ITR 5, ITR6, ITR 7 (Physical &
Generate Tax Audit Report 3CD along with annexure while entering the
business Income,
115JB MAT Calculation with annexure
Facility to Import Data to ITRs P&L B/S from Trial Balance Module
eFiling Gateway
Online Service to file all your ITRs with Single Login & Password
No Need to Visit DIT Site.
ITR V & Ack Status Available in eFiling Gateway.
Order Management
Complete Procedure / Documentation available till the stage of Tribunal Appeal.
Generates & Prints Form 35 & Form 36.
Generates Rectification Letter

c) Import Facility :
Import Facility from Excel Sheet / Templates. eg TDS Receivables, Capital Gain,
40A(2)(b), 269SS, eTDS/eTCS Returns, P&L and Balance Sheet
Import Data from Tally and CAOffice Trial Balance to ITRs P&L & Balance Sheet.
Facility to Import Export Data Client wise / Module wise hence data can be sent
to Clients / Associates having the CAOffice Software.

d) Order Management
Complete Procedure / Documentation available from Intimation/ assessment to
till the Order giving effect to stage of Tribunal
Generates & Prints Form 35, 36 & Rectification Letter.

e) Wealth Tax -
Challan : Prints Advance Tax , SA Challan
Computes taxable wealth for the assessment year
Calculates your tax payable alongwith interest u/s 17B
Prints Computation of Total Wealth alongwith annexures, and Return in Form
Generates Reminder Letters

2) eT.D.S / eTCS (With e-Filing of TDS Returns) Validated as
per NSDL format
(Only eTDS / eTCS software also available)

Generates & Prints TDS Certificate - Salary Certificates Form 16, TDS
Certificates 16A & 16AA & 27D
Facility to Generate & Digitally Sign (With DSC) Form 16, 16A, 16AA & 27D
Generate & Prints Form No 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ Paper Format
eTDS Quarterly Return 24Q, 26Q , 27Q & 27EQ validated as per NSDL Formats
Challans : Prints TDS/TCS Challan online payment facility
Reminder Letters
PDF Signer – Digitally Signed Form 16, 16AA, 16A & 27D & other documents

Generates & Prints - Advance Tax, SA, Regular Assessment, TDS/TCS,
Dividend Distribution Tax, Wealth Tax challans with online Payment facility.

4. Audits
Facility of entering the Routine & Detailed Audit Programme & to view the status
of Audit and time spent on a particular audit, which is further, linked to the time
Client wise / Staff wise Time Sheet / Cost Sheet Reports
Prints Form No. 3CA, 3CB and 3CD, 10CCB and other Statutory Draft Audit

5. Trial Balance Converter
This converts the trial balance inputted into Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account
and Schedules as per Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956 & “T” Format.
The data entered in Trial Balance can be import to ITRs Profit & Loss and
Balance Sheet.
The Schedule VI Balance Sheet format can be used for ROC e-Filing.

6. ROF, ROC and Service Tax
A) ROF (Firms) - Draft Deeds have been provided for Formation, Admission,
Retirement, Death, Dissolution of Firm etc, linked with the respective Forms.
The user can create its own draft deed for using it later.
B) ROC (Companies) - Generates Annual Return (Electronically) Draft Minutes
and Resolutions are made available The user can create its own draft minutes
and resolutions for later use..
C)Service Tax - Prints Challans TR-6 , Application Form ST-1 and ReturnsST-3.
Generate Service Tax Register automatically by picking up data from bills
prepared & cheques received.
(Useful for CA & Tax Consultants Office)

7 Office Management
a) Appointment Diary
b) Personal Memo Pad
c) Attendance Register
d) Library Register
e) Billing of Chartered Accountants / Tax Consultants Office
f) Cheques Receips
g) Outward Register
h) User id Login & Password

8. Interactivity
a) All forms are live forms.
b) Facility of Export all forms / Reports to Word and Excel & PDF Formats
c) Facility of import data from Previous AY.
d) Facility of import data from one module to another module
f) Facility of Data Backup Client wise / Module wise
g) Online Updates Reminder
h) Live Updates Facility

9. Report Generation
Various Reports are generated from the package for analysis purpose. To name
some :-
a) Total Income Report
b) Return filed Register
c) Pending Return Register
d) Refund Register
e) Challan Paid Register
f) Client file Index
g) Bill Preparation
h) Cheque Receipts Register
i) Cheque Receipts Register
j) Person wise / Client wise Time / Cost Sheet
k) Pending Appeal Register
l) Pending Rectification Letter
m) Audit Status Chart
n)Service Tax Register
o) Client Ledger
p) Client Files
q) TDS Deducted by Client Register
r) Service Tax Collected from Client Register
s) eFiling Gateway Status

10) Paperless Office Concept
The application aims at providing a complete automated environment for a
Chartered Accountant, whereby every detail of the client will be stored in
the computer assessment year wise, date wise as is stored in a physical

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