CAOffice eTax Manager
CAOffice eTax Manager-A Complete IT,Audit, eTDs/eTCS Returns eFiling Software.

    1. Tax Management

  • Advance Tax - Calculate & Prints Advance Tax Working
  • Import Client Master data from .xml file
  • Challan : Advance Tax & SA Challan Printing with online payment facility
  • Advance Tax Reminder Letter

  • Income Tax (IT Audit e-Returns/e-Filing)
  • Computes taxable income along with Interest 234A, B & C .
  • Generates & Prints Computation of Total Income along with annexure.
  • Returns in Form No. ITR 1, ITR2, ITR 3, ITR4, ITR 5, ITR6, ITR 7 (Physical & e-Filing)
  • Generate Tax Audit Report 3CD along with annexure while entering the business Income, 115JB MAT Calculation with annexure
  • Facility to Import Data to ITRs P&L B/S from Trial Balance Module
  • Auto uploading of xmls(return) directly on DIT portal through Software
  • No Need to Visit DIT Site.
  • NO need to Rembember (User id & Password)

  • online DIT(efiling) Reports
    .eFiling Return Status
    .Rectification Status
    .Refund Status
    .Tax Credit Mismatch Status

  • Audits(eFiling)
  • enter 3CD details for Tax Audit entities & similar data for non tax audit entities , and it automatically calculates your
    Profit & Gains from Business Or Profession, Generates Annexure to 3CD(eFiling)

  • c) Import Facility :
    Import Facility from Excel Sheet / Templates. eg TDS Receivables, Capital Gain,
    40A(2)(b), 269SS, eTDS/eTCS Returns, P&L and Balance Sheet
    Import Data from Tally and CAOffice Trial Balance to ITRs P&L & Balance Sheet.
    Facility to Import Export Data Client wise / Module wise hence data can be sent
    to Clients / Associates having the CAOffice Software.

  • CAOffice eT.D.S / eTCS Software(Regular & Correction) (With e-Filing of TDS Returns) Validated as per NSDL format
  • Generates & Prints TDS Certificate - Salary Certificates Form 16, TDS
  • Certificates 16A & 16AA & 27D
  • Facility to Generate & Digitally Sign (With DSC) Form 16, 16A, 16AA & 27D
  • Generate & Prints Form No 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ Paper Format
  • eTDS Quarterly Return 24Q, 26Q , 27Q & 27EQ validated as per NSDL Formats
  • Challans : Prints TDS/TCS Challan online payment facility
  • Reminder Letters
  • PDF Signer Ė Digitally Signed Form 16, 16AA, 16A & 27D & other documents

  • 3.Challans
  • Generates & Prints -TDS/TCS challans(online OR Offline Payment
  • Correction Returns
  • Facility to send Request for Conso file through Software
  • Generate Correction(Revised) Return validated .fvu file as per NSDL Format
  • Bulk pdf Signer - Facility to Sign Digitally bulk pdf Files in 3 Clicks only