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Payroll Quick Snapshot
The salary processing and tax computing is as powerful as it is easy to implement and use.
Payroll user will be able to easily define the pay components and its computation sequence
in simple mathematical formulae, eliminating the need for customization for any future changes
in the pay structure. All statutory deductions such as PF, ESI, TDS and accounting of these is
kept track in the system. The monthly / annual reports and statutory forms are also generated by the system.

Payroll Features
User definable Earnings / Deductions
Department, Cost center, Grade wise salary inputs
Pay Inputs, Formula inputs
Monthly Attendance & Leaves, Over time details
PF register, ESI register, Income tax (TDS)
Import Utility from excel
Any number of payment processes can be defined (Overtime payments etc.)
User can modify the computation formula
Generates Cash / Bank advice statements
Extensive covering of all the tax rules related to TDS
Leave details and Leave register
Digitally Signed Pay slip and Form 16 (eF16)
Statutory Payment Remittance Details
e-TDS Returns
Tax declaration through Employee Self Service Portal
Pay slip/ Leave Register / Form 16 view through Employee Self service Portal
Generate IT Computation & eFiling of IT Returns of Individual Employee

Monthly pay slips
Monthly salary report
Bank Statements
Leave statement
Statutory forms & returns
ESI & PF Challans
Monthly ESI statement
Provident fund report
Form 3A, ESI Form 6 & 7
Form 16 / form 12 BA with Digital Signature

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