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Simply put it's a treasure trove of valuable information and analysis on direct tax that is :

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With CCH Direct Tax online you will enjoy access to encyclopaedic coverage :

 Approximately 73,000* cases reported in ITR, CTR, DTR, TAXMAN, TTJ, ITD, SOT and ITR Tribunal with high quality headnotes
 Most comprehensive Commentary cross- linked to the cases and integrated with the statutes
 Case laws from 1933 onwards
 Comprehensive Analysis of important cases with backward and forward linkages - whether a case has been referred, distinguished, dissented, relied or over ruled
 Complete and up-to-date Acts/Rules/Circulars/Notifications/Orders
 Special Leave Petitions
 Articles by Experts
 Ready Reckoner: quick access to tax information such as tax rates, due dates etc.
 Expert comments on controversial issues
 Trending topics
 Frequent & Quality updates


Too much content to refer and research with less time available ? 
Have you been bogged with databases that offer complex search mechanism leaving you confused and adding no value to your tax research ?

Be reassured that our content, analysis and highly simplified search will help you, address your key requirements

High quality content powered with superior technology enhances your usage and search experience
·    User friendly, intuitive and easy to use search
·    Fast and Accurate Search. Searches within a repository ofmore than 100,000 documents.
·    Powerful Refined search using certain predefined key parameters
·    Global Search to search across any or all categories
·    Simplified Keyword Search- Search with multiple entries separated by logical expressions - AND/OR/EXCLUDE
·    Search within Search
·    Personalised experience; save your Search query and Add documents to your Favorites
·    One in all that suits beginners as well as experts
·    Superior usage and search experience with universal search and intelligent links within content
·    High quality & authoritative content
·    Unparalleled depth of tax information coverage with analysis
·    Frequent updates and alerts on critical information and analysis