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ProSystem Feature List
The only solution for Chartered Accountants & Tax Professionals which includes Income Tax, Wealth Tax, TDS - TCS, Service Tax, Audit, Company Law, Professional Consultancy, Office Automation, Billing modules with inbuilt Legal Content in the form of Sections, Rules, Circulars, Notifications, caselaws and Judgments.

Income Tax
Auto Generation of Income Tax Returns Forms ITR-1 to ITR-7, including ITR-4S.
Computation of Income & Tax thereon taking care of deductions, set- off carry- forward of losses.
Generate detailed Tax Computation Report with necessary workings.
Compute Taxable Income for all types of assessees including charitable trusts.
Auto calculation of tax and interest.
Facility to send the tax calculation for review to seniors for necessary approval.
e-filing of Income Tax Returns supported.
Facility to generate tax payment challan with a facility to make online tax payment.
Module-wise legal content in the form of Sections, Rules, Circulars, Notifications and caselaws.
Generate various MIS reports like Advance Tax Report, Total Income Report, Challan Register,
Return filed Register, Refund Register, Pending Return Register, etc.
Records Details of Notices, Intimation, Orders received from Income Tax Department. **
Enables Drafting and Filing of Rectification Letter, Refund Request Letter and Appeals to CIT (A) & ITAT. **
Generates various reminder Letters to be sent to client either physically or through e-mail. **

e-filing Gateway
Single window to upload XML of all your clients.
Facility to upload digitally signed XML.
Inbuilt workflow to send XML to the client to digitally sign & file with the Income Tax Department. No need to call for and install your client’s digital signature
(and thereby avoid security risks).
No need to access the website of Income Tax Department at all for log-in or creation of individual accounts on the website.

Generation of quarterly return 24Q, 27Q & 27EQ in physical as well as electronic format as per NSDL guidelines.
Correction statement of TDS & TCS Return. **
Accept deduction & payment details and generate TDS Certificates 16, 16AA, 16A, 27D (in new format).
Calculates & displays monthly TDS to be deductible in case of TDS on salary (after taking into due consideration monthly variation in salary amount).
Generate Form 27A & 27B automatically.
Facility to generate tax payment challan with a facility to make online tax payment.
Facility to send the quarterly details for review to seniors for necessary approval.
Module-wise legal content in the form of Sections, Rules, Circulars, Notifications and caselaws.
Generate Interest & Penalty Statement.
Facility for MIS Reports like delay in TDS Payment Report, Short Deduction Report, Short Payment Report, etc.

Wealth Tax
Compute taxable wealth for all eligible types of assessees Generate Wealth Tax Return in Form No. BA Auto calculates tax and interest.
Generate detailed Wealth Tax Computation Report with necessary workings.
Facility to send the tax calculation for review to seniors for necessary approval Facility to generate tax payment challan & to make online tax payment.
Module-wise legal content in the form of Sections, Rules, Circulars, Notifications and caselaws.
Generate useful MIS reports like Total Wealth Report, Challan Register, Return filed Register, etc.

Online Content Reference
One click and Acts, Rules, Circulars, Notifications and caselaws are before you.
Intelligent enough to display relevant content based on the module.
Facility to filter various topics within the module.
Caselaws are presented by automatically derived jurisdiction.
Multi-tab functionality allows user to view multiple contents one at a time.
Empowers the user to make a quick reference and continue working Regular updates on recent Amendments and caselaws.

Office Management
Keeps track of day-to-day appointment of each member working in the organization, with a facility to reschedule and transfer to another person.
Automatic job creation with facility to allocate/add/transfer the job to particular resource.
Keeps track of all the pending jobs of staff along with the facility to time sheet.
Maintain a record of all the documents received in & dispatched out of the office.
Inward documents can even be tagged to a particular job for reference.
Facility to bill all completed or uncompleted jobs with a facility to bill even out-of-pocket expenses to the client.
Flexibility of selecting your own bill template.
Facility to generate bulk bills for different clients for similar services.
Record receipt of amount against each bill along with facility to record advance payment received from client.
Any time availability of bills outstanding from clients.
Keeps track of staff leave records.
Manage & maintain office library.

Document Management
Maintains a Virtual file of each client.
Facility to scan, import any type of document and save it in the application.
A document created through the system automatically gets saved in the file.
Advance Search Facility to trace a document.
Advantage of storing all documents of a client at one place and its easy availability.

Other Features
Fully password protected, only authorized user can access the application.
Facility to define Limited Access Rights for a particular staff.
Dashboard view displaying user specific information at the start of the application.
No restrictions on creation of number of clients.
Handy utilities like Inter Office Memo & Call Management with a facility to send SMS alerts.
LAN compatible.
Schedule Reminders to clients through E-mail & SMS. **
Automatic Live Update (No need to manually download any patch or file for regular updates).
Instant support via toll-free helpline.

Service Tax
Generate Registration Form in ST-1 for different premises and services rendered.
Prepare & file return in ST-3.
e-filing of Service Tax Returns, ST-1 & ST-3.**
Generate tax payment challan for making payment to Service Tax Department.
Auto import of billing & collection data in service tax module for chartered accountants.
Module-wise legal content in the form of Sections, Rules, Circulars, Notifications and caselaws.

Unique module to enable the user to keep track of entire audit life cycle.
Facility to create various audit assignments for different branches and different periods.
Ready-to-use Audit Programme and Audit Checklist available.
Facility to create new Audit Programme, Audit Checklist & Engagement Letter.
Facility to download checklist, fill up and upload at a later stage.
Facility to upload & save Audit Working Papers.
Separate dashboard view to check the progress of each audit assignment.
Easy to use Audit Reports, with a facility to create your own Audit Reports.

Trial Balance Converter **
Create financial statements in Schedule-VI as well as ‘T’ format with customized parameter settings.
Facility to import Trial Balance from Excel & Tally.
Exhaustive Library of Significant Accounting Policies.iry call us: +91 9320037661 / 65 Print Significant Accounting Policies and Notes to Accounts along with
financial Statements.
Generate Cash Flow Statement as required under Companies Act.

Company Law & Consultancy
Automates the maintaining of Minutes Books and helps manage steps in Company Law procedures.
Ready-to-use Resolution/Clause Library available, with facility to add more.
Drag & drop feature for Clauses/Resolution to finalize and maintain Minutes Book.
Facility to lock Minutes Book after finalizing.
Templates made available in the application for various formalities.
Inbuilt link to MCA forms associated with respective step.
Create your own procedures and associate MCA forms with a particular step.
Track completion of each step/procedure.

XBRL Generation in CCH Prosystem
”XBRL module in CCH Prosystem allows to import the Balance Sheet & in Excel format, Tagging of Data through Balance Sheet & P L A/c, tagging of financial data of current & previous year with Taxonomy”

Download XBRL Template
Login to Prosystem Application.
Download the Excel template provided in ProSystem.

Fill & Validate Template
Fill up all the relevant information in the Excel sheet.
Validate the excel sheet for business rule validations.
On successful validation generate the report.
Save this Report at a preferred location.

Generate XBRL Document
Generate the XBRL Document (Instance Document)
On successful generation of XBRL document, a message will be displayed to the user and XBRL document (Instance Document) will be mailed to the provided Email-id.

Post Generation steps
Download MCA validator
Validate the Instance Document through the Validator.
Check the PDF file (generated by the Validator) for data accuracy.
Fill up Form No. 23AC and attach validated instance document for Balance Sheet
Fill up Form No. 23ACA and attach validated instance document for Profit & Loss Account.
Sign & File both the forms to MCA.

** “These features are on the product roadmap as of the time of the finalization of this material. Please check with our product / sales team if they are already included or by when they would be included in the product” 

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